Hello from Vancouver, BC.

I have a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Digital Media, Print Media and Photography. Feeling that I haven't learned enough (haha), I went the extra mile and completed a diploma in Graphic Design. Don't get me wrong. My BFA has not only honed my written and communication skills, but it also taught me how to solve problems with art & design. A Graphic Designer was born.

I have worked in corporate, private and freelance sectors. Both large and small companies. I've worked with casinos to private schools. I design everything from large billboards to small newspaper ads. The love of print is not lost.

Looking for more? Here's my CV

Not Relevant, But:

  • • I would be so happy if I can have a Pantone-themed party
  • • I am madly and helplessly in love with calligraphy and fountain pens
  • • I design for weddings